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Venice beach hosted a unique mix of athletes for the 2014 World's Strongest Man competition.

Reigning champion, Brian Shaw showed enormous determination as he tackled the overhead medley competition. The crowd was impressed with his incredible strength and agility, especially the fact that he kept his sunglasses on through the whole thing!

In addition to men from the United States, the event featured competitors from around the world, including Iceland's "Thor", Hafthor Bjornsson and Lithuania's Zydrunas Savickas.

Wearing red in this event, Thor hopes to earn the coveted "Strongest Man" honors this year. The tallest strongman ever to compete, Thor towers over the competition at over six feet nine inches tall. Thor began his strongman career after meeting world renowned strongman Magnus Ver Magnusson at his gym in 2008. Four-time champion Magnus showed confidence in Thor and inspired him to take on the challenge of competing to earn the title of World's Strongest Man.

For over 30 years, the World's Strongest Man competition has been testing the strength, determination and sheer will of competitors from all over the world. The first World's Strongest Man competition took place at Universal Studios with the title going to USA's Bruce Wilhelm. Since then, the championships have been hosted by countries around the world including Iceland, Malaysia, Morocco, China, Zambia and the United States.

The World's Strongest Man competition is the ultimate test for strong athletes and often goes beyond sheer strength to test mental endourance. With events such as the "Dead Lift", "Keg Toss", "Car Carry" and "Giant Dumbbell Press", the key to the competition is often the precision of the competitor's grip and their ability to focus on each task.

So, who will take home the coveted title of World's Strongest Man this year? Tune in to CBS this summer to find out!

~Angie for AD Photoworks