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Cheering fans lined the streets of Westwood for the premiere of The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton.

Contrary to the widespread rumors, Lady Gaga was not in attendance for this premiere, much to the dismay of some of the "little monsters" in the crowd.

The Other Woman follows three ladies who are surprised to discover they have one thing in common...the same cheating man!

In celebration of the premiere, celebrities from the film made their way down the red carpet in style. All smiles and full of laughter, Cameron Diaz looked stunning in her black gown and heels. Kate Upton dazzled in her gray dress with silver reflective accents and sparkling jewelry.

Taylor Kinney, one of the few men on the red carpet, looked dapper in his blue suit as he waved at fans.

Leslie Mann seemed to glide down the carpet as she radiated in her bright pink ensemble.

In The Other Woman, Cameron Diaz plays Carly, who recently discovers that her boyfriend has been lying and actually is a married man.

As Carly tries to put the relationship behind her, fate steps in and she accidentally meets Kate, the wife that he has been cheating on, played by Leslie Mann.

These ladies soon find they have a lot in common and become close friends.

In a crazy turn of events, Carly and Kate soon discover there's a third unsuspecting person this cheating guy has an affair with, Amber, played by Kate Upton.

Carly, Kate and Amber now share a common bond, their anger at the man they all unfortunately fell in love with.

Some say never mess with a woman scorned...imagine what can happen when you multiply that by three!

Opening in theaters on April 25th, check out The Other Woman to see this unique trio of ladies come together on a shared mission of revenge.

The Other Woman was directed by Nick Cassavetes and is a 20th Century Fox production.

~Angie for AD Photoworks