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Irwindale Speedway hosted yet another sucessful Mooneyes Car Show and Drag event...and for the first time ever, it was held on mother's day weekend.

Most car enthusiasts know that the Mooneyes Car Show is always held in Southern California around Christmas time. Well, unfortunately the Christmas Car Show was rained out this past year.

Instead of making us wait a whole year for the next Christmas Show, our friends at Mooneyes decided to create a brand new mother's day to the ears for loyal fans and hot rodders.

The Mooneyes Car Show and Drag is a fun filled event for the whole family. Where else can you bring your own hot rod, race it down an eighth mile track, listen to live rockabilly bands and have your hot rod pinstriped...all in one place!

For fans of drag racing, the Mooneyes Car Show and Drag is definitely a unique experience! There's always a wide variety of hot rods throwing down some rubber.

Some notables making passes on the eighth mile this year were a '59 Caddy, a '67 Camaro and the unforgettable Purple People Eater of the Shifters Car Club.

Irwindale Speedway is a well-known location for drag racing, hosting the Summit Racing Series and many other notable events.

Over ten years ago, in cooperation with local law enforcement, Irwindale Speedway opened its dragstrip to allow legal drag races for anyone owning street-legal cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This was an effort to curb illegal street racing and provide a place for independent racers to bring their own vehicles.

With over 60 years in the business, the folks at Mooneyes not only know how to build fantastic products, they also know how to throw a great party!

Special thanks to Chico and our friends at Mooneyes for hosting yet another unforgettable Mooneyes Car Show and Drag event.

If you've never made it to a Mooneyes show, mark your calendars for the upcoming open house in July at their Santa Fe Springs, CA shop. Drop by, meet the team and make plans for the next car show and drag!

~Angie for AD Photoworks