Fine Art

Football fans lined the streets of Westwood for the premiere of Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Chadwick Boseman and Terry Crews.

In honor of the event, the traditional red carpet was tossed out and replaced with a more fitting green with white hashmarks!

Walking together on the carpet, Kevin Costner and wife Christine Baumgartner seemed to truly enjoy the evening with lots of laughs and smiles.

In memorable fashion, Terry Crews took some time to show off his leaping catches as he made his way down the carpet.

Jennifer Garner brought style to the event looking fantastic in her sleek black jumpsuit as she talked with fans before making her way down the carpet.

Playing Barb Weaver in the film, Ellen Burstyn looked classy in her bright yellow and green ensemble.

Many notable NFL athletes were also in attendance to celebrate the Draft Day premiere including Eric Dickerson, Dwight Hicks and Curtis Conway.

In a special surprise appearance, world renowned boxer Mike Tyson also joined fellow athletes in celebration of the film.

Summit Entertainment brings us Draft Day, a story following general manager Sonny Weaver, played by Kevin Costner, on his journey to rebuild his football team.

In his pursuit of perfection, Sonny faces a difficult decision and one that will impact his personal life and the lives of a few hundred young men with dreams of playing in the NFL.

Directed by Ivan Reitman, Draft Day opens in theaters on April 11.

~Angie for AD Photoworks