Fine Art

Welcome to the imaginative and creative world of RAW! Featuring a variety of talented and creative artists, the Los Angeles chapter of RAW hosted their Discovery showcase downtown at the iconic Belasco Theater. Guests were treated to an evening full of live music, an original film and creative art pieces displayed throughout the venue from painters, sculptors, fabricators, photographers and fashion designers.

Entering the event, the first thing that catches your eye is the Tilt Productions display. But, this is no ordinary display. It can best be described as walking onto a film set for the next Hollywood thriller, with dark lighting, an industrial feel and uniquely crafted pieces. Owner of Tilt Productions, Joey DesLauriers notes that his custom pieces are railroad inspired with a hint of his East Coast background. From New York, this fabricator, designer and artist loves to find things to repurpose, including recycled parts and mechanical pieces such as dials, levers and vintage lights, just to name a few. Joey designs and fabricates custom pieces both as artwork and also for film sets. In fact, he was featured on the premiere episode of the set design challenge show Hot Set on the Syfy Channel.

Walking through the venue, many guests were talking about the incredibly unique pieces from Andrew Bosserman's Biofusion. His artwork is truly amazing and must be seen up close to truly appreciate. With hundreds of hours into his pieces, Andrew loves using different materials and surfaces and infusing them to create an explosion of texture and color.

RAW Discovery also featured many talented jewelry designers each with their own creative vision, including fantastic pieces from Love is a Devil, Laquor, Love Lauren Lanning and more. At Love is a Devil, partners Sharie and Alana are no strangers to displaying their creations. In fact, their pieces have been featured at San Diego fashion week and more recently worn on the runway at New York Fashion Week earlier this month. On this night, their original pieces were displayed in a variety of ways including necklaces centered in vintage picture frames. Love is a Devil's spring collection is available online and is the perfect blend of color and can never go wrong with jade!

Originating in Los Angeles, RAW is an independent arts organization with chapters in over fifty cities nationwide, including Los Angeles, Hollywood and New York with the mission of connecting artists and fostering creativity. RAW events are a fantastic opportunity to network directly with artists and designers and truly understand the inspirations for their pieces. Check out the next RAW event for a night filled with imagination and plenty of surprises!

~Angie for AD Photoworks