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Farewell Shuttle Endeavor! Shuttle Endeavor made its last flight in style with low passes over many California landmarks beginning with the Golden Gate Bridge, down to the Santa Monica Pier, over to tip its wings to JPL in Pasadena and passing above the Griffith Observatory and the iconic Hollywood sign...twice!

Flanked by two fighter jets, Endeavor floated through the air atop its transport carrier low enough for millions to watch in awe and wonderment. On the afternoon of September 21, 2012 Endeavor arrived at LAX, ending its final flight.

Endeavor's next journey involved traveling down the streets of Los Angeles to its final destination at the California Science Center. This journey was a massive undertaking, with police escorts and heavy security, landscape crews cutting down trees in its path and electrical crews moving impeding power lines. Endeavor slowly moved past icons like Randy's Donuts, across the 405 freeway and down the central streets of Los Angeles. Plus, no big event in LA is complete without a filming permit, right? Endeavor's last journey was no exception with Toyota participating in the event by filming a commercial of a Tundra towing the shuttle!

After several delays during its 12-mile journey down the streets of LA, which some have called its 3-day parade, Endeavor finally arrived at Exposition Park to a cheering crowd.

Space Shuttle Endeavor will be on permanent display at the California Science Center. The shuttle program has a long standing history in Southern California, being built in Downey and Palmdale.

Shuttle Endeavor completed 25 missions into space, including the first mission to the hubble telescope and it's last mission in 2011 to the International Space Station.

After seeing this massive ship up close, I encourage you all to visit the California Science Center to get a glimpse of the magnitude and a sense for the history of this amazing aspect of the space is a truly humbling experience to see it up close.

~Angie for AD Photoworks