Fine Art

Peacocks invade Martini Ranch! This month's RAW event was definitely one to remember! Large crowds were in attendance to experience the eclectic blend of art inspirations, from the dark and mysterious to the fun and lively.

RAW showcases definitely provide guests with an opportunity to experience something unique. For instance, where else could you watch a DJ spin records while also painting graffiti on canvas? The answer - RAW, of course!

On this beautiful February evening, guests were treated to live music from several solo artists, each with a unique sound, while enjoying cocktails and mingling with artists. A variety of art displays were scattered throughout, with creative pieces from many talented painters and photographers. A few makeup artists, hair stylists and clothing designers were also in attendance, working their magic.

To cap off the evening, models strutted the catwalk with explosive hair, vibrant makeup and unforgettable fashions. The most memorable part were the peacock feather infused gowns and headdresses! I have never seen so many peacock feathers in one place!

Activate was the first showcase at RAW's newest venue, Martini Ranch in Scottsdale. With the variety of different rooms and seating areas, both inside and out, Martini Ranch is a fantastic location for RAW showcases. This venue makes it easy for guests to roam freely and experience the art in what feels like several different venues, all wrapped into one.

RAW is an independent arts organization with chapters in Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York and other cities connecting artists and fostering creativity. One item of note for our Arizona friends...RAW also recently added Tucson to the list of showcase cities.

RAW events are a fantastic opportunity to expose people to the world of artistic expression. Check out the next RAW event for a night filled with imagination and plenty of surprises!

~Angie for AD Photoworks