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Shoot the Moon! Welcome to Irwindale Speedway, home of the annual Mooneyes X-Mas Show & Drag!

With what many believe was a record turnout this year, thousands of attendees flooded Irwindale Speedway for this unique Southern California event!

The Mooneyes X-Mas Show and Drag is not just any car show...where else do you get to watch classic hot rods race an eighth mile drag strip at full speed?

The Mooneyes X-Mas Show also featured pin up contests, rockabilly bands, pinstripe artists, hundreds of vendors and a variety of car clubs, with a recent addition...the van class! Mooneyes also showcased the latest in automotive parts and accessories, including a vast array of Rat Fink and other notable collectibles.

The day began with a dense fog blanketing the race track and visibility of only a few feet. Once the fog cleared it was time for some racing.

This memorable event gave spectators a little bit of everything, from record setting lap speeds to car parts scattered across the track from blown engines and brushes with the wall!

A special thanks to Chico and all of our friends at Mooneyes for treating us to another great show this year! Mark your calendars for Mooneyes X-mas Show and Drag 2013.

Mooneyes is a global leader in automotive parts and accessories and was founded in the 1950's by Dean Moon, with headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

~Angie for AD Photoworks