Fine Art

Welcome to the largest CES in history! Every January, people from around the world flock to Las Vegas for CES, the world's largest consumer electronics and technology trade show. Attendees arrived filled with anticipation, hoping to get a glimpse of the latest tech gadgets and upcoming technologies.

As you walk the show floor, your senses are immediately overwhelmed with people passing you in all directions, bright lights blinking and flashing, and different sounds emitting from the various booths. It's hard to concentrate on one thing for very long with so many neat distractions!

With over 3,000 exhibitors this year, there were a wide variety of products to admire. Some notable technologies being displayed included voice and gesture recognition as well as interactive touch screens. Many tech analysts spent time reviewing the latest products including televisions, ultrabooks, tablets, phones, cameras and much more.

All the buzz seemed to be centered around new television technologies, including the new 55" OLED TVs being introduced by Samsung and LG. In fact, LG's 55" OLED was named CNet's Best of CES.

This year CES set a show record with nearly 2 million square feet of show floor, over 150,000 attendees, and 20,000 new products being launched. In its 44 year history, CES has provided an incredible launching platform for new innovations in electronics and technology. I wonder what new things we'll see at CES 2013?

~Angie for AD Photoworks