Fine Art

Let's RAWk! RAW presented another memorable evening filled with artistic stylings from clothing and jewelry designers, photographers, models, makeup artists and musicians.

Guests were treated to unique art pieces, musicians playing from inside a boxing ring and models walking the floor with feather eyelashes, flamboyant outfits and custom metal jewelry.

The jewelry was hand crafted by Stacy Jay and showcased by Jessie Rose and the Phoenician Models. From initial concept, to hand drawn design, to working the metal to its final form, Stacy Jay brings us one of a kind silver, steel and copper pieces.

The Duce in downtown Phoenix hosted this Holiday RAWk event, bringing a vintage feel with eclectic pieces of history as far as the eye could see.

The Duce is filled with so many interesting things including a 1915 Chicago soda fountain and the South Central gym equipped with a full size boxing ring. The Duce is also known for it's "trailer made grub" served from a 1968 silver Streamline camper. Actually, simply describing the Duce doesn't do it justice...this is a place that you have to experience yourself to truly appreciate!

RAW events are a fantastic opportunity for artists to promote their work to potential buyers and network with other artists. Each new RAW event brings something different and unexpected, which is why we enjoy participating and sharing the experience.

RAW is an independent arts organization with chapters in Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York and other cities connecting artists and fostering creativity.

RAW also recently announced a new chapter forming in Tucson, with the first showcase event to be held in the coming months. Check out the next RAW event near you for a night filled with creativity and fun!

~Angie for AD Photoworks